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Lemon Cucumber Salad


I am so excited to share this Lemon Cucumber Salad Recipe! My husband and I have been quarantined to our house for the past two days due to a 24-hour stomach flu. We were both so pathetic and I am pretty sure it reminded us both to never take our health for granted…but we are on the mend and the house is back up and running. 🙂

Now on a completely different topic…Last week I discovered flat leaf parsley, and I love it! I have had a lot of experience using curly parsley and became most familiar with it in Tabouleh.  This Lemon Cucumber Salad recipe called for flat leaf parsley, and I am so glad it did! I think it has a lot more flavor than  curly version, perfect for adding flavor to dishes or adding into salads.

Lemon Cucumber Salad recipe

This Lemon Cucumber Salad is very light and has good crunch.  It goes great with a weeknight meal or perfect to bring to a dinner with friends. Since my husband isn’t a fan of radishes I got to eat all of this salad myself (no, not in one sitting).

Start by chopping your veggies & parsley up and throw them in a mixing bowl.

Lemon Cucumber Salad from A Cedar Spoon

Lemon Cucumber Salad - veggie pic

Lemon Cucumber Salad - radish pic

Lemon Cucumber Salad - pepper pic

Create your dressing (don’t forget the lemon zest)…

Lemon Cucumber Salad - lemon vinaigrette

Lemon Cucumber Salad - oil

Mix it all together and enjoy! Pretty easy, right?

Lemon Cucumber Salad - all mixed up


Beautiful colors and delicious taste.

Lemon Cucumber Salad Recipe from A Cedar Spoon

TIP: I suggest that if you aren’t going to eat all of the salad at one meal that you just mix the dressing in the part of the salad you are going to eat. I mixed all of the dressing on the salad and had leftover and the salad became a little soggy over the next couple of days.

Lemon Cucumber Salad Recipe


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It’s Your Turn

What is your favorite addition to salads? Is there something that every salad you eat has to have?

Use the comment box below to share.


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