Air Fryer Tandoori Chicken Legs

The spices and explosion of flavors in traditional indian tandoori chicken are on full display in this Air Fryer Tandoori Chicken Legs. This recipe is versatile for oven baking or the air fryer. 


Greek Yogurt {or plain yogurt works} Lime Garlic, minced {or garlic powder} Ginger Turmeric Garam Masala Chili Powder Cumin Coriander Powder Olive Oil Butter – real butter, not margarine {optional}

Emma Ray Keys


Remove the skin from the chicken, and with a sharp knife cut 2-3 deep slices into a thick part of each raw drumsticks {optional- you can leave the skin on if you would like}.


Combine the ingredients for the marinade (all but the butter) and pour into a ziplock bag or large bowl. Add the chicken legs to the ziplock bag of marinade.


Seal the ziplock bag and move the drumsticks around in the bag to make sure the marinade gets down into the slice marks of each drumstick.


Refrigerate for 2 hours but you can let it marinate overnight as well. Preheat Air Fryer to 360° for 5 minutes.