This creamy homemade Instant Pot Yogurt Recipe is easy to make with little clean-up. This yogurt is the perfect addition to your morning meals, smoothies, over Middle Eastern dishes like kafta or in dressings.

INGREDIENTS – 1 gallon whole milk – 4 Tablespoons cultured yogurt {make sure it is not sweetened or flavored yogurt}

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Clean your instant pot. Make sure it is very clean and rinse it out with boiling water to “sterilize” the pot. This will help the yogurt taste better.

INSTRUCTIONS 2. Heat your milk. You can do this in the instant pot or in a pan on the stove. To heat on the stove, heat on medium low so the milk doesn’t scorch. If you heat in the instant pot, place the milk in the pan and seal the lid.

INSTRUCTIONS 3. Allow the milk to cool to 105°-115°. Remove the pot from the instant pot. It will take about an hour to cool. If you want it to be quicker, plug the sink and add a couple inches of water and plenty of ice. Set the pan in the ice water. Don’t allow it to cool less than 105°.

INSTRUCTIONS 4. Stir the milk and remove any skim from the top

INSTRUCTIONS 5. Stir in the yogurt starter.

INSTRUCTIONS 6. Incubate your yogurt. Set the yogurt button for 8 hours. For a tangier yogurt with more cultures, allow it to incubate for 10 to 18 hours.