Mediterranean Naan Bread Pizza

Mediterranean Naan Bread Pizza is a colorful, healthy appetizer or meal filled with your favorite Mediterranean ingredients. You can serve this cold or warm!


Flatbread or Naan Esti Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Kalamata And Green Olives Artichokes Cherry Tomatoes Feta Cheese Micro Greens Green Onions Fresh Parsley Olive Oil Or Balsamic Glaze

Spread the hummus in an even layer on each flatbread or naan.


Top each flatbread with olives, artichokes, tomatoes, feta, micro greens, green onions and parsley, split evenly.

• Add some Parmesan Cheese. • Use arugula or spinach. • Add additional vegetables like cucumbers, roasted red peppers, radishes, or carrots. • Add more protein with chickpeas or white beans.


Garnish with fresh parsley and a balsamic glaze. Serve immediately.