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This Vodka Cherry Limeade recipe is the ideal summer drink. The perfect blend of fruit and spice, thanks to the lemon, lime, ginger and sweet cherry flavors. It is perfectly balanced and the bubbles just elevate it. You are going to love this cocktail recipe.

My Grapefruit Paloma Cocktail is incredibly refreshing and easy to make as I combine tequila with grapefruit juice, lemon juice and ginger soda. It’s made by the pitcher which makes it a great drink to serve at parties and get togethers with family and friends when you don’t want to mix each drink individually. It’s also slightly spiced thanks to the black pepper and salted rim on the glass.

This Orange Smoothie Recipe is the perfect way to start your day with a burst of the fresh citrus flavors of orange, blood orange and lime, blended together with mango and banana. You will love this immunity boosting smoothie!

A White Chocolate Frappuccino is great any time of the day, but I love to serve it in the afternoon when I need a boost of energy.  White Chocolate Chips are melted into hot espresso coffee before being blended together with ice and cream to make this deliciously satisfying drink.

This White Sangria Recipe is perfect for end of summer get together or the crisp cool days of fall and winter. White wine, rum, lime juice and pear juice are mixed together and garnished with pears, rosemary sprigs and finished off with sparkling water. This is refreshing and the perfect cocktail!

This Horchata Recipe is easy to make and the perfect refreshing drink to pair with your favorite Mexican meal. White rice is soaked overnight and blended with cinnamon, vanilla, almonds, condensed and evaporated milk. Your guests or family will love this delicious drink recipe!

Strawberry Mango Margarita is a fruity, refreshing margarita that is perfect for a warm summer day. Pureed strawberry and mango are mixed with ice and tequila to create a refreshing drink.

This Tropical Green Smoothie is the perfect summer smoothie mixing a granny smith apple, fresh spinach, mint and frozen pineapple. You will get a good dose of your fruits and vegetables, while feeling refreshed on a hot summer day.

7UP®Sparkling Peach Lemonade is a refreshing drink that’s perfect for your warm weather get togethers and social nights. Crisp, refreshing 7UP is paired with sweet lemonade and peaches and garnished with mint.

Strawberry Blueberry Lemonade Spritzer is a refreshing drink that can be made into a cocktail or mocktail. Sweet strawberries and blueberries are mixed with a simple syrup, sparkling water, mint leaves and lemon juice. This festive drink would be perfect for your Memorial Day or 4th of July gatherings!

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