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Finger Foods for Your Baby or Toddler.

It’s the weekend!

We are back from vacation and getting organized! I am missing the beautiful scenery in Traverse City, MI!I can’t wait to share our adventures this week with you. Here’s a couple of pictures to get you excited..

As much as I love taking trips it is so nice to be home, and especially nice to sleep in my own bed.

Today I thought I would share foods that I have fed my one year old.  I am part of a Mom’s group on Facebook and have noticed that many Moms struggle with what to feed their baby or toddler, especially on-the-go including me.  Yummy, healthy food is a big part of my life and my family’s life.  I want to instill this in my children and with all of the processed food out there I have really tried to keep my babies food natural with the least additives I can.  Vegetables and fruit are my favorite foods so it is important to me that my baby learn to love these too (I know this is a lofty goal as some kids just don’t love certain foods!)  This can be especially hard when you are on-the-go and need easy foods.  I hope this list can be a resource for the foods you feed your baby.

I am not an expert on food for babies I am just offering up suggestions…these foods are more geared towards a baby that has been eating finger foods for a little bit. Talk to you pediatrician about when to start baby on food and how to introduce them as I am no expert! All babies are different in terms of allergies so be careful when introducing new foods. Also, make sure everything is cut small so the baby does not choke.



Fruits (Photo credit: Yuya Tamai)

Banana chunks

Small cut up fruit (blueberries, berries, peach, nectarine, plum, kiwi, mango, cherry, melon)


Frozen blueberries

Small mandarin pieces

Steamed pear chunks


Edamame (I buy the soy beans minus the shell @ Trader Joes)

Steamed veggies

Cooked zucchini or carrot sticks

Squash, pumpkin

Cubed yams, sweet potato or potato

Frozen peas

Cooked Broccoli and cauliflower

Avocado chunks


Yogurt (I buy the plain yogurt with less sugar and mix in fruit)

Oatmeal with fruit

Pieces of toast, muffin, bagel or English muffin (can spread a yummy spread on it)

Lunch, Dinner or Snacks


Spaghetti (tomato is very acidic so be careful with how much you give to your baby)

I had to insert pictures of  Will eating spaghetti for the first time. He LOVED IT! 🙂

Cut up ravioli

Meatballs (Turkey or beef)


Chopped chicken or turkey

Ground beef or pieces of hamburger (make sure it is fully cooked)

Pieces of fish (white fish, salmon are great)

Cheese cubes or shredded cheese

Cheerios or puffs


Whole wheat tortilla (can melt cheese or put avocado spread on it)

Wheat bread with hummus

Mini grilled cheese

Homemade guacamole



Teething biscuit

These little mash bags for fruit and ice are perfect especially is baby is teething!

This website is great for reference when feeding baby and making baby food Whole Some Baby Food.


Do you have any additional suggestions for finger food? I would love to hear!

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